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Extra Curricular Programme

An important part of the 'Haygrove experience' is getting involved in the many clubs and activities that go on outside of the regular day-to-day class timetable.

Our aim is to enable every student to do a bit more of what they enjoy, or to try out something new. This might be through our extensive programme of lunchtime and after school clubs or by taking part in one of the themed enrichment days that are held for students throughout the year.

Whether it is rugby, football, netball or trampolining, playing chess, cooking or performing on the stage, we do everything we can to help our students develop their skills and confidence. Discovering and nurturing individual talents is central to our educational aims and is highly valued by our school community.


We are Active


Sport and Exercise

We encourage all our students to be active and get involved in sports and outdoor activities as much as possible.

There are lots of different sports available for students to take part in. From football and Rugby to trampolining, netball, table tennis, cricket, benchball, and athletics, there is something for all tastes and abilities. Everyone is welcome to attend one of our lunchtime or after school sports clubs and they may even be selected to represent the school in local, regional or national competition.


Interhouse Competitions
Our House System encourages regular inter-house sports competitions that earn individuals and house points.



 Outdoor Education

Each year our Key Stage 3 students take part in year camps which allow them to experience beautiful locations including the New Forest, Wimbleball Lake and Exmoor. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to spend time together in a different environment and learn new skills including cooking outdoors, hiking, climbing, sailing, abseiling, canoeing and archery. With team building activities and singing to add to the fun, these annual trips truly are what school memories are made of!


Year 7 Camp 2023




The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Haygrove School is a champion of outdoor education and a recognised centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Every year around 50 of our Year 10 students undertake a range of challenges to gain their Bronze level Duke of Edinburgh Award. Throughout the year they take part in outdoor treks and overnight camps, get involved in their local community by volunteering and dedicate some of their free time to learning a new skill.


Find out more about the DofE Bronze Award here.


Visit the website.


Read the  - it features lots of our ex-students who have taken part over the year!


Some students then continue on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Year 11 or when they go to Further Education and gain their Silver and Gold Awards through the Bob Rigby Award Unit which is based at Haygrove School.


Duke of Edinburgh photos 2022-23 (all expeditions)


We Are Enquiring


Throughout the year we organise a wide range of extra-curricular activities designed to build on what our students learn in the classroom.

Many of our staff run lunch time or after school clubs where students can explore further the subjects they enjoy the most. There are frequent 'enrichment days' where students are tasked with challenges designed to enhance thier skills, develop their confidence and stimulate their interest in topics such as Business Enterprise, Internationalism, Citizenship and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).


STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

The UK has been at the forefront of design and innovation throughout history. British designers have been responsible for many great inventions, and are still commonly acknowledged to be among the best in the world when it comes to developing new solutions to existing problems.

British inventions have had an enormous impact on our world. For example, imagine how different life would be today if Michael Faraday had not built the first simple electrical generator, or if James Watt had not developed the steam engine?

At STEM Club, you will develop a range of projects. We believe STEM should incorporate the latest technology and inspire a new generation of designers, engineers and scientists. 

This year we will be running several projects within the areas of robotics and design innovation. We have teamed up with companies such as Rolls Royce and EDF Energy to birng local expertise into the STEM Club sessions.

STEM Club - Every Tue afterschool, 3.15 - 4.00pm. This will be returning in the Summer Term 2024. 

Find out more about STEM education at Haygrove School


Chess Club 

Mrs Whitlock runs a Chess Club every week on Thursday lunchtimes.

Students from all year groups are welcome to attend. Just turn up and play one game each week for seven weeks. Those who lose each week can keep on coming to the club; they will play others who lost their previous week's game. Each week goodies are given out and the top boy and top girl from each age group, as well as anyone scoring 15+ points will qualify to attend the next round of chess competitions at Millfield School each year.


We are Creative


Being creative is an essential part of education and we encourage all our students to find a way to express their creativity and imagination. From writing stories, singing or playing a musical instrument to baking, photography or crafts, there are lots of opportunities to get creative, develop artistic skills and build your confidence in your own talents. 

 - the arts award provides students with the opportunity to gain a qualification in the arts. In the summer term Haygrove students are invited to work towards their Bronze Award, we offer this award in drama, music, art and dance.


Music Clubs and Lessons


Students can learn an instrument by taking specialist instrument lessons provided by private tutors during school time. 


Term-time clubs:

Monday - Woodwind Group

Wednesday - Haygrove Singers

Thursday - Music Tech Club


Students can sign up on the whiteboard in the Music Department at the start of each week to use the practice rooms.


Annual school performances, shows and events: Battle of the Bands, Christmas Concert, Lunchtime Acoustic Sessions, Choir visits to local community venues, GlastonGrove summer festival. Our musicians also contribute to a range of school drama and dance performances.


Dance Club 

This runs all year round and is open to all year groups and culminates in our annual 'Steppin' Out - A Dance Showcase'


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Coaching


Mrs Guppy, who retired as Head of Drama in 2015, will be providing weekly Speech and Drama coaching. The programme would suit anyone who is interested in public speaking and/or performance, but it will also be suitable for students who simply want to build their confidence in speaking and performing in public.


LAMDA Speech & Drama sessions are open to all students and will be for 1/2 hour each week.  The classes will be run on the same basis as our peripatetic music lessons (i.e. students taking part will be taken out of their regular lesson to attend). Students can be coached alone or as part of a small group. Please note that students/parents will need to organise their own group in advance.


To register your interest in this new programme please get in touch with Mrs Guppy at s.guppy.drama@gmail.com


Find out more at the  website.

School Fundraising


As a school we believe it is important to consider and care about other people. Throughout the school year lots of activities take place to raise funds for a wide range of local, national and international charities and good causes. This includes fundraising for our school to help provide equipment to support our curriculum and our extra curricular programme.

This year we are building a team of students, staff and parents who will help to co-ordinate many of the school's fundraising activities, supported by Mr Saunders.

If you would like to help support our fundraising team in any way, please contact Mr Saunders via the Contact Us form. 

Mawanda Basic School in Zambia

We have established a strong link with this school in Africa and raise funds to provide new facilities and equipment for the school children.